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Title Bible Reference Preacher Date Series Titlesort descending #
Harvest - Lessons from James James ch1 v1-18 Mark Rowcroft Sunday, 29 September, 2019 - PM Listen Now
Jesus feeds the Five Thousand John ch6 v1-13 Mark Rowcroft Sunday, 29 August, 2021 - PM Listen Now
The Father and the Son's Love John ch15 v9 Tony Hutter Sunday, 24 October, 2021 - PM Listen Now
Christ Jesus the Saviour Psalm22 v1-10 Mark Rowcroft Saturday, 25 December, 2021 - AM Listen Now
The Father's love and Jesus' love John ch15 v9 Mark Rowcroft Sunday, 13 February, 2022 - PM Listen Now
The hallmarks of a Christian Jude v1 John Ellenden Sunday, 31 March, 2019 - AM Listen Now
The Holy Spirit in the lives of God's people 1 Corinthians ch2 v9-16 Mark Rowcroft Sunday, 10 April, 2022 - PM Listen Now
The supremacy of Jesus over Satan Psalm 91 v11-13 Mark Rowcroft Sunday, 12 August, 2018 - PM Listen Now
The Maniac the Multitude and the Missionary Luke ch8 v26-39 David Matthews Sunday, 5 September, 2021 - AM Listen Now
Barnabas the Encouragement Acts ch4 v36 John Little Sunday, 31 October, 2021 - AM Listen Now