HBC Online Admission Form

Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 virus we are unable to hold a Holiday Bible Club at the church premises this year. What we can do is have an online Holiday Bible Club using the internet.

We will use the Zoom app which makes it possible to host meetings using the internet. You may have used this already to stay in touch with family and friends. Using it is very easy and safe. Please visit https://zoom.us/ and click on the ‘join a meeting’ button. For those on smart phones - visit the app store and download the free app. Details on how to join the meeting will be sent to you once we received your completed registration form. 

Please register by 5th August to leave enough time for us to deliver your free ‘goody bag’ containing all you need for Holiday Bible Club.

 Notes to complete your registration:

  • Please provide an email address so that we can send you additional details and keep you updated for this year’s Holiday Bible Club
  • Your Zoom ID is needed to ensure we allow only children who have registered with us into the Zoom Holiday Bible Club meeting. Your Zoom ID is a name you make up, e.g. ScoobyDoo553. You can use the same Zoom ID for multiple devices (phones, tablets, laptops) if your children have, for example, their own phones. You can also register more than one Zoom ID if you prefer. The important thing about the Zoom ID is that we know who is registered to join us. If you try to join the meeting but the Zoom ID you use is not on our list, unfortunately we won’t be able to let you join in.

Submitting this Registration form will be taken as your permission:

  • For your children to attend the online Holiday Bible Club
  • To contact you using the email address to provide additional information for this year’s Holiday Bible Club. One of the reasons we will contact you is to remind you of all the information you have entered on the registration form, and especially your Zoom ID.