Pastor: Mark Rowcroft

Mark grew up in a Christian home, his father being the pastor of Trinity Baptist Church Maryport, Cumbria. Growing up in a Christian home, he was converted at a young age. In September 1993, Mark went to Aberystwyth to study law. It was during this time that he began to consider whether the Lord was calling him into the ministry. This conviction grew and people around him whose opinions he respected were thinking along the same lines. Upon completing his law degree, the church at Maryport sent him to study at the London Theological Seminary, where he completed the two year course.

At the completion of the course Mark married Abigail, whom he had met in Aberystwyth and they lived for a year in Edinburgh where Mark worked in a bookshop. In September 1999 Mark was ordained to the ministry and inducted as the Assistant Pastor of Deeside Evangelical Christian Church in North East Wales. Mark and Abigail spent four and a half very happy years in Deeside and in August 2002 Abigail gave birth to a baby boy called Luke. In February 2004 Mark accepted a call to the pastorate of Geneva Road Evangelical Baptist Church and began his ministry in the church on June 1st that year.

Our Pastor Mark Rowcroft

Our Pastor - Mark Rowcroft

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