Holiday Bible Club 2018


Please fill in this form and submit it prior to attending our Holiday Bible Club.


Please use a separate form for each child.


Once again, this year we are providing a free hot lunch for any child who attends HBC and would like to stay. These will be on Tuesday 14th and Wednesday 15th immediately after HBC and you will need to collect your child promptly at 1:00 pm.

If you would like your child to stay for lunch on either or both of these days, please indicate on  the form below.


Child's Name:
Contact Phone No:
Alternative Contact No,
Name of Person Collecting Child:
Contact No. of Person Collecting Child:
Any brothers / sisters attending and their ages:
Any medical conditions or allergies (please detail):
Contact Name and Number in case of emergency:
Email Address:
Any other information you think would be helpful:
I would like my child to stay for lunch on Tuesday 14th:
I would like my child to stay for lunch on Wednesday 15th:
We will be taking photographs of the children throughout the week which may be used for displays in the church or on publicity materials. Are you willing for your child to be included:
I agree for the above named child to attend Holiday Bible Club and if stated above, stay for lunch on specified days. I confirm to the best of my knowledge, they do not suffer from any medical condition or food allergies other than those listed above. They will be collected promptly at 12:30 pm or 1:00 pm if staying for lunch: yes
I Agree to My Child Making Their Own Way Home at the End of Each Day
I have read the Data Protection Declaration at the end of this form and agree to it: yes

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Under Data Protection legislation the church Charity Trustees of Geneva Road Evangelical Baptist Church are the data Controller and the Church Secretary acts as the Data Protection Officer.
We are collecting information to enable the Church to run the Holiday Bible Club safely and ensure we can contact you (or other nominated adult) in case of emergency. Data Protection legislation allows us to process this information as we regard it as being in the Church’s legitimate interest. If you are unable/unwilling to supply the information requested then we will be unable to accept your child at the Holiday Bible Club.
The information you supply will be held in paper form in a folder which will be kept securely. Only the Church Minister and meeting leaders will have access to this information. The forms will be destroyed once your child leaves the Holiday Bible Club. We will not pass this information on to anyone else.
If you are concerned about the way your information is being handled please ask to speak to the Data Protection Officer. If you are still unhappy you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioners Office.
I give consent for my data to be processed by the Church.